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Yes that's the number. Have 2 1/2 in the safe. The 1/2 is glossy frame with Kadet kit.

Thank you Larry I should have bought the one I saw it was a beauty

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Let's see if this one takes:

Sorry, the primary video to this thread just won't transfer
General Firearms Discussion / Re: FM90 Hi Power
« Last post by eastman on Today at 08:29:20 PM »
The rust blue looks really good
I am glad it worked out for you.
Several years ago I had a firing pin break on one of my 75Bs. I called up CZ USA and Mike Eagleshield, the gunsmith, sent me one, no charge. The pistol was at least 10 years old at that time. So as was suggested above, call CZ USA, they might just help you out.

BTW, that firing pin was the only one I ever broke in any of my many, many CZ pistols. Now a days, I use the CGW extended FP for even greater reliability. 

Compact CZ 75s / Re: CZ 75 Compact (P-01) magazine options
« Last post by M1A4ME on Today at 07:49:18 PM »
A PCR has no rail for a light/laser.

A P01 has the rail for a light/laser.
Those are great suggestions. I’ll swing by the store tonight.
For the MEGA, can your thumb bump the safety to on-position when you try to chamber a round with the slide-release?
(This is referring to the MEGA 2000 of Sarsilmaz.)  I was partially eyeing a stainless one, but not if it has safety issues...
CZ Gunsmithing / Re: Video : 3 Hacks for your CZ 75
« Last post by Practical Shooter on Today at 07:33:23 PM »
Thank you everyone for your kind words.
I will try to keep you interested and entertained with a few more upcoming videos  ;)
CZ Polymer Pistols, the new wave / Re: P07 Lanyard Loop Durability
« Last post by filterm on Today at 07:31:57 PM »
i'm actually looking for the flat hammer spring plug, instead of the lanyard loop that came on my p07. do you want to trade? could save us both about 7 bucks

Thanks for the offer! I have already ordered the new plug and wish to keep the flat one in case I don't like the loop. Good to have a spare too. Thanks all the same though!

cool ty for your reply, and ty for the swap QBToo
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