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I’ll take the black cherry P01

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Called cgw and they recommended I remove polymer behind the trigger to allow more room for the lifter to be raised. The SA is now working but my double action is very hard to keep under control as its break is much farther forward. The trigger breaks then slaps back 1/4" causing the sights to move  everytime when dry firing.
Pics coming. I gotta find this thread on iPhone / tapatalk to post pics.

1. ANR Design AIWB for P-01. Works great, looks great, comfortable and great quality. I sold my P-01 to a friend that is not gonna carry it. I got this from a forum member in like new condition but I don't remember price. Still like new. $40 paypal shipped priority.

2. LOK Grenade Black for P-01. Less than 1 year old. Only "carried'" a few times. Paid $60 on Amazon. $40 shipped priority.

3. I may add a shiny trigger, 85C style and a CGW reduced power recoil spring and new OEM sights when I get caught up on these pics. 

New Members / New to the club
« Last post by Masonic John on Today at 05:58:45 PM »
Hey all! New to the group and to CZ overall. Just picked up a P07 and looking to gain as much info as possible with my new favorite brand!
Compact CZ 75s / Re: Just oil as best lube on new CZ Compact?
« Last post by M1A4ME on Today at 05:45:30 PM »
I trust it in my car and it turns more rpm, runs hotter and goes longer before the oil is replaced, so how can it be bad for the guns?

After an oil change on the car/truck I set the jug in the corner, at an angle and let the left over oil accumulate in the bottom front corner for a couple of days.  Then I pour it into a 1 qt. size Mobil 1 container.  It grows almost as fast as I use it.  Every so often I give small bottles (buy the GI plastic oil bottles at gun shows) of it to my sons and nephew, brother, cousin, etc.  Still have more than I'm going to use in the next year or two if I never changed oil again.

Then again, if I never changed oil again, what would I do with the 5 qt. jugs of Mobil 1 in the garage???
CZ75, 75b, 75 SAO - All Full-Size Pistols / Re: CZ 75 picture thread
« Last post by Blackwatch on Today at 05:43:51 PM »
Another on behalf of FluffyTheCat - 1988 with original factory parkerized finish

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