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CZ SP-01 and variants / Re: New(different)slide stop shape?
« Last post by dbarn on Today at 03:07:02 PM »
Non MIM is old good slide stop that was installed on al SP-01’s and is installed on Shadow 2(just a bit longer stem),and I think newer version is sold as a replacement part.

Actually my 2016 SP-01 Tactical came with the thick mim version. Perhaps they interchanged both.
New Members / Re: Hello from NH
« Last post by Firemanjones on Today at 03:04:54 PM »
Welcome from the Mountains.
7/21/2018 :  New Price:

Grizzle 911 holster:  $105 shipped

Ruger AR-556 MPR:  $600 shipped  (all other conditions in original post remain unchanged)
CZ SP-01 and variants / Re: grips and sights
« Last post by puddintame on Today at 02:38:55 PM »
lots of options here for the sights..  I have the short tactical rear and a tritium 5.5mm front. its my fav setup. have them on all my CZs. grips though? your a handcuffed there. but the hogue handall feels awesome

CZ Gunsmithing / Re: Recoil spring weights
« Last post by Xtinction on Today at 02:33:22 PM »
I got the 13 and 11 pound springs. I think that I will be fine with the 13 pound spring with no buffer. Wanted to try the 11 with a buffer. But still want more info from those more experienced than me. Keep the replies coming please :) Thanks!
I do use #9 on the barrel of all my CZ's, and will occasionally use it to wipe down (emphasis on 'wipe') a few other parts as well, but I generally will use a product like Weaponshield for the rest (including polymer parts). That said, the Walther folks in their 'how to clean your Walther" videos use #9 on most everything. Different polymers may react differently but, so far, I've had no issues wiping down CZ internals with #9 and carefully drying them off. There are other 'bore cleaners' that are much harsher (the Cu ones have already been noted), so maybe CZ is trying (understandably) to CYA as has been mentioned. [Disclaimer: my only polymer CZs right now are a P07 and a Phantom...but I don't think I've ever used #9 on the outside of the polymer frames]
CZ Polymer Pistols, the new wave / Re: work done by Primary Machine
« Last post by Edward_Teach on Today at 02:30:18 PM »
SI doesn't do CZ's.  I bought my RMRs from SI but they were not considering doing the RMR slide cut, rear sight cut/installation on CZ pistols.  Primary Machine got my money for all that.  The response, when I shared pictures of my RMR'd CZ's was something close to, "If we'd have done it, we'd have done it right."  I took that to mean they wouldn't do it because they couldn't/wouldn't cut a CZ slide like they cut a Glock slide.

Remember, up to now, SI has been so focused on Glocks that it's very unusual to hear different brands even mentioned.  And when they do they will mostly say something like, "Well it's a pretty good pistol, but I'm sticking with my Glock."

They are, however, seemingly interested in the Scorpion (first) and showing a bit of interest in the P10, but not so much yet.

SI does change.  They've gone from AK's are it, to AR15's are it.  From shotguns won't be considered here to this is the kind of shotgun you need and this is how to use it.  Who knows, someday they may be doing work on CZ's.  But I think mine are already done (by Primary Machine.)

As far as rear sight placement goes, I never have an issue with where my rear sight is on the P07 or P09.  My eye/mind goes for the red dot.  I don't even notice the front/rear sight are there unless I force myself to look for them/use them.  It was easy for me, I don't know why.  I shot iron sights for almost 40 years.  No way was I going to pay as much/more for an RMR that my pistol and then pay to have all the work done.  Till I did.  Then within a couple weeks I had a second one.  Best thing I ever did to one of my pistols.

SI is one of those what we say is gospel and anything we dont sell isnt worthy if our time.

Not sure if you read the article that Gabe wrote. It pretty much said irons forward is dumb because I dont like it and if I dont like it you will probably die.

So again the video shows how irons forward or rear will work but why Aaron preferred to put irons forward. 

Oh and SI also love sig hammer guns
CZ Gunsmithing / Re: Recoil spring weights
« Last post by Earl Keese on Today at 02:24:09 PM »
I have seen a lot of people run an 11lb spring. Generally, the best advice is to tailor spring weight to your chosen ammo. CGW sells a multi spring pack for this purpose.
CLUB CZ97 / Fit in your hand...
« Last post by AW99 on Today at 02:19:28 PM »
Curious how your 97 fits in your firing hand with respect to where your finger joints fall. 

When holding my CZ75 (and Glock 19, Beretta 92 etc.) my hands are big enough that the fattest part of my fingers wrap around the front of the grip.  On the 97 the front of the grip sits right at the second finger joint, feeling a bit odd to me.

Unless there are even skinnier grip plates available to try, it doesn’t take much of a thicker grip to put the front of the grip on the pad between first and second finger joints.

Got any wild ideas for an aesthetically pleasing solution to bigger or smaller?  If need be, I’ll use grip tape/wrap but that offends the “artiste” in me - despite being a muddy boot kinda guy that likes blowing things up and the smell of diesel exhaust from an armored vehicle in the morning.


(And yes, I took the chance on buying my 97 from a broker without having held one and knowing the grip would be larger than my 75.  Still, a sweet piece.)
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