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CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Scorpion Evo SBR for USPSA PCC
« Last post by Destructo6 on Today at 10:08:32 AM »
PCC was my excuse to buy a Scorpion, too.
I've been waiting on the stamp since January,
Been waiting since August...of 2016. Thinking things should speed up once the mid-July bump is cleared out.

Did the HBI springs, smoothed out the safety notch, added a Sparc 2, etc.

Will probably run one of these TACCOM mag splice on one mag to eliminate most mag changes. Anybody have one?

I made my own magazine holders from a sheet of Kydex. They don't look great, but they do work and hold mags well.
Smith n weson revolver model 64 heavy barrel 38 special.  Mine is double action only.  For some reason the balance of the heavy barrel version is so good, If you watch the sights as you pull the trigger in double action the sights don't even move.  It is very easy to shoot accurately. I am not a great shot but first time out I hit a 8x12" steel plate 60 times in a row at 23 yards in double action.  The balance is just like voodoo.  Southern Ohio gun has these for 300 bucks as surplus. Also wheel guns are just plain fun.
I completely agree with IDescribe's post.

I will also say that my 97B recoils MUCH less than my 1911.  I like heavy guns.  It's just physics...heavy steel guns will recoil less.  I shoot informal Bullseye with a 8 3/8" 686 for the same reason.

I shoot a 75B .40 converted to SAO in USPSA Limited division.  I'm overweight, have bad knees, and a bad back.  I have never had any problems "managing" the recoil of the .40.  In fact, most people comment to me about how flat the gun shoots.  It comes right back on target with little muzzle lift.  I'm shooting 165 grain bullets at 173 powerfactor.

Thank you.

That makes sense.

My confusion started when I looked at spring #0640075001 with the item description: "MAGAZINE SPRING FOR RAMI MAGAZINES ONLY FOR 10 RND AND HI CAP MAGS".
Not complaining about the feature, complaining about people slamming mags in when it isn't necessary. I might need to go through my manual again, but I don't think that is a method of releasing the slide as if it were a feature. Mine doesn't do it, but only has like 300 rounds through it. I'd like to believe that if I don't slam the mags in it would take thousands of reloads before it ever starts doing it, if it ever does.

Some dude was upset on youtube his ejector broke clean off from slamming the mags in trying to send the slide home, can't help but laugh at it. Feel bad for the misfortune, but some people asking for it!
CZ75s - All Full-Size Pistols / Re: CZ75 pre B finish?
« Last post by sberres on Today at 09:48:08 AM »
  I just obtained a "poor" condition pre-b. Looks pretty tired, as I expected, but feels solid and has a good looking barrel. My intent in getting this one was strictly as a refinish project. To me it looks like there's not a stitch of finish remaining. It's got some light pitting, which I'd expected, but essentially appears to be bare metal. Anybody else ever seen this?  I guess I won't have to work as hard to strip the finish before the real work of cleaning up the frame can begin.
  I'm notorious for just getting to work on stuff and forgetting all about the "before" pics. I'll run a few rounds to check it out before beginning but I definitely want to get some pics of this poor lil' thing
  I should have no need to rush this one but think I'll work over the lower with intent of running the Kadet on it.  I'm sure I'll learn plenty that I can apply as I then move to the upper.
Bump, this is a helluva deal for someone.  Add up all the extras and you are over $1100!
CZ HOLSTERS & ACCESSORIES / Re: Which grip tape
« Last post by SoCal on Today at 09:46:06 AM »
I use gun tape on my guns and on the back of my phone.  For highly curved areas I warm it up then hold it in place with rubber bands overnight.
I think we've all been through this. It's even worse on your first build, because you feel like you need to get everything exactly right, otherwise the rifle is ruined. Just ruined. FOREVER!

The single best thing for you to do is:

1. Be patient. Just because you miss one sale doesn't mean you're doomed to overpay - in fact, it's quite the opposite. I've noticed that things that go on sale once tend to go on sale again in three months. It's the things that are seemingly never o  sale that you want to jump on.

2. Realisitcally figure out what you want your rifle for, and how it will be used. You've said earlier that you'll mostly be shooting 50-100 yards (which is what most people do). If so, then you really don't need an 18" barrel. 16" will do just find, and save you some weight. If, however, you have someplace near you that you lets you shoot to 500 yards, then go for the 18". Shooting long range is fun (especially steel!), and you'll get addicted even if you think it's beyond your capabilities now.

ETA: for the record, I have an SLR Helix handguard. I can't review it because I haven't completed my rifle yet, but the thing is crazy light, has a solid and rigid attachment, and is thin and comfortable to hold in a C-grip.

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CZ Scorpion EVO / Re: Scorpion Evo SBR for USPSA PCC
« Last post by brisix on Today at 09:30:31 AM »
I am running a CMORE RTS2 v4 board.  I like the field of view of a micro dot vs tube style.   

Yeti Wurks switch back grip and mag release paddle.   

Trigger pack and job from CZ Custom.   Trigger is awesome.   For me it was worth the price.

BCM Gunfight vertical grip Mod 3

Kaw Valley Liner Comp

NERD mag pouch and DA belt

Taylor Freelance +10 mag extensions.  I had to modify my reloads OAL from 1.133 to 1.160 to get 100% reliable feeding. 
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