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CZ Polymer Pistols, the new wave / Re: P07 Lanyard Loop Durability
« Last post by werra on Today at 09:27:13 AM »
i'm actually looking for the flat hammer spring plug, instead of the lanyard loop that came on my p07. do you want to trade? could save us both about 7 bucks

Thanks for the offer! I have already ordered the new plug and wish to keep the flat one in case I don't like the loop. Good to have a spare too. Thanks all the same though!
Ammo and Handloading / Re: CZ 97 Barrel "Protrusions"
« Last post by Gunzanamo on Today at 09:25:58 AM »
Shmecky, it seems that some guns will handle them with no problem and others never seem to. One of the posters here said he never uses them and I bet if he tried it today with SWC after hundreds of rounds through his pistol they still wouldn't function. It would be interesting to have him try it and see.

The lugs themselves have no effect on how it feeds as far as length goes but  the underside is bevelled at the factory to aid in the chambering of the round. Without the hood the gun would not chamber any round.

If you put a round in the mag and s-lo-w-l-y let the slide move forward you will see that the case hits exactly at this spot. You will also see that once the round moves past the mag lips it jumps upwards at a steeper angle to exacerbate the issue. As I said it is effectively an upper feed ramp.

As I have said numerous times, I did not alter the length of the barrel hood in any way so it has no effect on headspace.  I only lightly stoned the sharp edge on the underside to maybe a 1/64" radius. To say I "ground" it implies a took it to the bench grinder and gnarled away at it. I hand stoned it LIGHTLY.

Not knowing the technical name for something does not mean that I cannot understand it's function. Barrel hood it is. Thanks for the education.

If simply shooting the gun for a few hundred rounds would solve the problem then I think the factory would tell you to do so. But let me quote verbatim from the manual:

"For the CZ 97 pistol the use of ammunition with the revolver wadcutter type of bullet PARTICULARLY LSWC (Lead Semi-Wadcutter) is not advisable. Use of these cartridges can cause a failure when feeding the cartridge from the magazine into the chamber".

(My bold added).

This is exactly the problem I had.

No mention of breaking it in with a few hundred rounds and all will be fine. So the factory recognizes that SWC don't feed correctly. Adjusting bullet depths did not correct the problem. As soon as I made this minor mod the problem stopped. 100 rounds and not a single FTF.  And that with the dreaded LSWC. It would be quite a coincidence that the gun just happened to break in at the same instant that I stoned the bevels.

Nothing I did compromises the strength or safety of the gun.

I guess all those 1911 mods are also unnecessary. All you gotta do is shoot a few hundred rounds.
Ammo and Handloading / Re: Summers Enterprises
« Last post by newageroman on Today at 09:24:56 AM »
Thanks for the report. Nice looking S2 BTW. Anyone have input on cleaning moly coated bullets. Ive heard that once the moly is in the barrel its hard to get out. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to consider if you run these slippery coated bullets and then go back to plated or jacketed loads, may not have the same pressure or velocity.

I do like the option to fit up to 4 different bullet types in the same box.
thanks in advance. I mostly need something to keep my mind on task from the monotony of normal job life...
I'm guessing the thin safety that comes with the S2 provides a weight reduction over the wide one it ships with as an extra, in the box.

It’s surpisingly not much additional weight. Only a couple grams difference. I like the extended safety so it’s worth the additional weight IMO.
Ammo and Handloading / Re: CZ 97 Barrel "Protrusions"
« Last post by schmeky on Today at 08:45:29 AM »
The "protrusions" should have not affect on how the pistol feeds.  This is part of the barrel that establishes the breech clearance, something the factory does a very good job of setting.

COAL is very important when loading the 97 with SWC's.  Mine has run 8,000 rounds without a single bobble of any kind with a 200 grain hard cast SWC (H&G #68) loaded to 1.240" COAL.
Cajun Gun Works / Re: New Shadow 1 & 2 Reach Reduction Kits
« Last post by George16 on Today at 08:35:33 AM »
George, Mo,

Interesting you guys are messing around with the T1 disco.  I've been thinking about the T1 for my Shadow 2.  I have 2 T1s here and will install in the gun and see how it feels.  I made a complete hammer group so I could keep the stock hammer, disco, and strut intact.  The SS shiny hammer from CGW looks real cool on the S2.  Also have the adjustable sear in both the shadows.  Might try the S2 disco in the 75 shadow.
I just fitted a T3 to my SP01 Shadow and I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Why doesn’t that work in the shadow 2? I never looked at the shadow 2 internals

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I think you’re right. Since I already messed around with the T1 and RRK disco, I found the RRK disco didnt give me more reduction from what I already attained by using a modified trigger with the T1.

Guys, I made the T1 work in reducing the DA reach by modifying a recurve trigger. Like I said in my previous post, what it is is just a trigger with a oretravel screw to move back the trigger’s static location. Somebody need to produce a trigger with way less curve and more material where the pretravel screw hole is located. I know the recurve trigger I straightened out is thicker in that area. What also compounded and limited us with the choice of triggers is the fact that CZ decided to make the shdow2 trigger guard flatter compared to the rounder profile of the Sp01 or TSO for that matter.

Mo, that’s the same thing I noticed on the trigger. The lug is farther back. From an engineering standpoint, I think it was moved back to allow for altering the static location of the trigger along with the longer hook for the SA. The break has moved back towards the rear by about 2-3mm. That’s the main reason I removed the overtravel screw because like you said, it’s useless and it is.

Go slow when fitting your T1 disco. I used a dermal with diamond bit then 400, 1000 and then polished it with Mother’s mag polish. To let it drop in DA without altering the timing, take off a little bit from the nose, for SA a little bit on the hook.
New Members / Re: greatings from Georgia
« Last post by czsuby on Today at 08:25:07 AM »
Welcome from South Carolina.
New Members / Re: greatings from Georgia
« Last post by cremaley on Today at 08:13:23 AM »
Welcome from Georgia.
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