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Old Slavia Airpistol
« on: March 13, 2004, 05:20:13 PM »
Hi Group,
            I just did a google search of Slavia ZVP which is the name of the Czech air pistol I have. My grandather gave it to me a number of years back and its performance has been pretty bad overall. Im not that experienced with airguns, but there is a large round knob at the rear of the gun behind the receiver which looks like it would give me access to the spring. Ive tried unscrew it but it is on there very tight. I might be wasting my time trying to fix this gun up, but i figure its worth a try (at this point it wont even put a hole in a pop can at 20ft LOL)

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Old Slavia Airpistol
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2004, 05:03:25 AM »
First: are you sure you're feeding it proper ammo. A buch of air weapons are chambered in .22 instead of .177. A second culprit may be the front or rear sight, check if these are not loose. Third: re-oil the piston with appropriate air-weapon oil (as to get constant proper seal and maximum velocity). If not at ease with these operations then go see your local gunsmith who'll check all these points for a minimal cost. Don't trow this baby out because it's crying for t.l.c.;)


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Old Slavia Airpistol
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2004, 12:57:42 AM »
             I guess that from my "Handle", you can see they are one of my favorites.
             Remove the grip, and note how the sear spring fits.
             There is a small setscrew on the bottom of the knurled knob, remove it, unscrew the knob( Be carefull with the mainspring's preload, the cap WILL fly!).
             The barrel needs to be removed before removing the piston assy. The cocking link just lifts away from the piston thru the round  end of the slot.
             The sear linkage needs removing, via a drift pin.
             The piston will slide back and out with these parts off.
             The seal is leather, and can usually be revitalised by flushing the leather with WD-40, allowing it to dry, then pour some neetsfoot oil and liquid silicone into a paint cap and just soak the seal for about an hour. The seal will usually swell back up to like new!
             The old breech seal is leather and could benifit from an external application of the silicone/neetsfoot oil soak.
             I think I covered the tricks, but the pistol is very simple and dissambles readilly.
             Good luck!
             BTW, my old 1960's ZVP prints around 1" @ 25 yards off the bench, with Benjamin .177 Domes.
             These oldies will shoot!

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Old Slavia Airpistol
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2004, 04:42:38 PM »
            I tracked down a place where I can buy neatsfoot oil, but have been unable to find someone who would carry the liquid silicone. I have some water repellant spray thats designed for leather that has 10% silicone content, is that any good for the task at hand?
            Thanks for the replies so far, i never knew i had such decent airgun on my hands.


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Old Slavia Airpistol
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2004, 12:44:16 AM »
             Sorry for the delay answering, had cataract surgery/lens transplant, and had to avoid the computer.
             Go to an automotive store and get some of the Dielectric grease (pure silcone gel) for distributor/ computer hook-ups. About $2.50 US, in any auto parts store. mix it with your neetsfoot oil around 50/50...
             The old ZVP's are built like tanks!
            They can shoot more accurate thanthe primeviel sights make them appear to be capable of! Velocity ranges from  approx 320-345 fps, but it is very consistant and therefore predictable. Learn to use a little finesse with your grip, and allow the big piston to recoil and do it's job. the pell is long gone out of the short bbl, before the reciol cycle ends. Just hold your sight picture as long as possible, cause this will triple your chances for accurate shooting!
             My ZVP, likes a totally surrounded hand-hold, but just before I fire, I found that relaxing the grip, while being sure of total hand contact, produces the best accuracy for me.
            Set your sights to, say, 10m and for long shots, use the Elmer Keith method of holding your front sight picture, while lowering the rear of the gun (thus the rear sight notch) down front the post. This way you stay centered on target with a clena view, and compensate for holdover at the same time. ('Ol Elmer used to ring a 200 yd "Steel Gong" with a 2" S&W Chief, by doing it that way!) Works on rifle or pistol too!
             Benchrested with the old ZVP, place your hands ahead of the rest, with the heel of the trigger hand just touching the rest(Works with 2 hand hold the same). This allows the pistol to "atillery style", recoil and gives the best preformance.
             Honestlly, now you need to find a CZ TEX Pistol, to see how this  springer handgun design has evolved! The ZVP is somewhat of a "clone" of the old Diana Model-5 from the early 1900's. The TEX is very much more refined, has better sights, adjustable trigger, an anitomical grip, and is very well made! It is one of the quietest of springer pisto;s ever made!I have had two and my current TEX is a fine 10m target pistol, and doubles as a good plinker out to about 25 yards. Again the TEX is a lower velocity pistol like the ZVP, but is very accurate.
             Yea I am really hooked BAD on these CZ's! I just completed a 4 rifle purchase/trade, and got one freebie, of the little model 618's. I now have 5 different versions of the model, and really can't find out just how many variants there really are? Sure is a cute little rifle tho! One, a Raven-18 version, shoots cloverleafs @ 20m, benchrested and equipped with a simple Daisy #5899 reciever sight! This is a Starter-class, or so called Boys rifle? I have some Meduim priced Greman and Spanish rifles that can't hold that consistantlly... Then there is my CZ 631, which can shoot alongside my better German rifles, and only cost $82 delivered!
             Yep CZ makes good guns, seems like the old ZVP pistol shows that this has been a tradition for their airguns for a while, too!

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Old Slavia Airpistol
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2004, 11:14:57 AM »
I have a Slavia ZVP air pistol. Has a number 16098 I guess a serial #? Looking for some more info and a value?
            I picked it up at a yard sale. Thanks

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Old Slavia Airpistol
« Reply #6 on: August 17, 2007, 02:12:12 AM »
If will be someone interested,
            i can resell/send him parts or whole Czech airguns.
            (For example Slavia.)
            New airguns cost in USA same as in CZ, but older/rare airguns or parts are here posibble to buy.
            I can also help him with translating texts from Czech to (my poor :p  ) English.
            If you are interested, just post me a message on