Author Topic: Adjustable Sights for CZ-75 and CZ-75B (and 85s, too!)  (Read 3706 times)

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Adjustable Sights for CZ-75 and CZ-75B (and 85s, too!)
« on: July 13, 2002, 02:23:21 PM »
A number of members here have talked about where to get adjustable sights (non-tritium) for their weapons.

The new CDNN catalog (and their website) has adjustable sights for the 75, 75B, 85 and 85B on sale.

The sights come in two forms: low mount adjustables (rear only), $25, and adjustable target sights (front and rear) $30.  Includes, while they last, a choice of configurations: no markings, white dots, or white outline.

I just ordered an adjustable for my pre-B.

The factory adjustable sights on my 85 Combat and Kadet kit are virtually identical to the Mec-Gars that came on my custom 1911 (since replaced for night sights).  I'm sure the same company makes both sights.

Good price and good place to do business.  ($9.99 shipping for all items, up to 1000 items.)  

Do a search for "CZ-75 Sights"  or "Mec-Gar Adjustable Sights"