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CZ 75 vs 1911
« on: August 27, 2009, 11:50:08 PM »
My daughter handles my Colt 1911 well. This got me thinking about getting her a 1911 in 9mm but Ive found that the 1911s in 9mm are a bit "pricey".  Others on the m1911 site suggested looking into a CZ75. Not knowing a thing about the CZ75s I thought Ild ask here.

How do they "feel" compared to the 1911's?  I understand the CZ 75s take double stacked magazines. Does this make the CZ "wider" than the 1911? How are the sights on the CZ?  What about the sights? Is the trigger simalar to the Sigs as it looks as it has a "long" pull.What about spare magazines?


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Re: CZ 75 vs 1911
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2009, 01:17:41 AM »
Go with the CZ. It was made for 9mm. Leave the 1911 for .45. If you really want one to be a crisp SA like the 1911, get the 75 SA. You will spend much less and have the best. The grips should be fine and if not there are some really good and plentiful aftermarket grip options. Same goes for the sights.
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Re: CZ 75 vs 1911
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2009, 01:30:10 AM »
if you look at the frames minus the grips, yes, the frame of the 1911 is narrower then the CZ.  however, depending on grips on each gun, the 1911 could be wider then the CZ.  I have Hogue grippers on one of my CZs and Pachymr Signatures on one of my 1911.  with those grips on each of the guns, they are identical in width.  but, the shapes are different.

a note about 1911 in 9mm.  look for a used Colt 1991A1.  im not sure of current prices, but i got one in '06 for $600.00 .  It was/is LNIB too and is the reason i got it.  it has the black phospate finish and i think they arent as desireable as the blued versions.    There are other 1911 9mm out there, but you just have to keep an eye peeled.

the CZs are available in different flavors:  SA/DA, SA, DAO (discontinued but i see the 40 version is back)

Yes the DA will be long, but ive never handled/shot one that wasnt.  The SA in the DA/SA will have some takeup, again, ive never handled/shot one that didnt.  If you want a SA, they will have the shorter pull.  The standard sights is what i call faux night sight , 3- dot.  i think they are glow in the dark paint.   you can get aftermarket sights for the CZ if you want. 

with respect to mags, there are the OEMs and then the MecGars.  I use/have alot of MecGars and find they are well made and work.   

one comment.  if you get the CZ, you can also get the Kadet conversion kit upper in 22LR for it too.  sort of an added bonus since some platforms dont have that option.

if you can, i would look for some toys to try either at a gun store/show or a gun rental range.