Author Topic: What holsters fit the RAMI  (Read 45347 times)

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Re: What holsters fit the RAMI
« Reply #105 on: January 10, 2018, 04:18:55 PM »
This maybe against the current trends in holsters, but isn't it a purpose of IWB holster to conceal ?. If so, then the thickness of Kydex with or without lining adds considerable girth to already pretty thick pistol. I have Garrett for my Rami, but I also have Remora and other ballistics nylon IWB holsters that do not add to the grip thickness and stay where you put them. I even tried adding so called "stabilizing wing" to Garrett, to keep the butt closer to the body. It still made no difference. Thickness of Kydex defeats concealability.

One plus of Remora or other "clingy" type holsters is an outside texture of material that sufficiently resist any kind of movements so you can carry your gun at 3-4 o'clock position or, as I do, carry the gun in an appendix position without a clip In addition, I can position the gun as high or as low in relation to the belt, as I see fit, depending on the outside clothing I wear that particular day.

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Re: What holsters fit the RAMI
« Reply #106 on: January 10, 2018, 08:22:13 PM »
. . . and the Remora-held Rami does ride in my front pocket concealed (more often than IWB) to balance out the wallet, keys in the other front pocket.

I need to mix it up (carry modes) but my most common carry is OWB.