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I,m collecting CZ / Slavia airguns, and other airguns too, such as Lucznik, Diana, Baikal, Smith&Wesson, Crosman+++

I live in Norway, and have a homesite with pictures of some of my airguns.

I also have CZ rifles, such as BRNO mod Fox .222R and BRNO 452 .22lr

Have a contact that makes different parts for me, such as Lucznik parts and old Slavia parts.

Some pictures

Leather piston seal old Slavia 620

Polymer piston seal new type Slavia 620

Orginal and tuning piston seal Slavia 630/631

Tuning spring Slavia 620

Set of parts for Lucznik 87-187-88-188

This Lucznik spring is not orginal, it,s stronger than orginal.
Give V/O 210m/s and more with new piston seal and sylinder in good shape.

The parts are for private use, but somtimes I can get parts to others airgun owners.

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