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Cleaning 75b
« on: April 12, 2011, 08:59:41 PM »

I've been using regular oil (Hoppes 9) to clean the slide and the rest of frame since i bought my new 75b.

What do you guys recommend for a good cleaning product that wont ruin the blued black polycoat finish?

The main reason I ask, is that in the manual says some cleaning solutions could remain in the joints and could cause corrosion overtime

or damage the guns finish.

Hopefully some of you guys can help me out.


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Re: Cleaning 75b
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2011, 09:41:29 PM »
 240s14:   I've always been a fan of #9 for basic gun cleaning.  I've never had any problems or evidence of corrosion.  I've seen no evidence the finish was harmed in any way.  "I" have harmed the finish, but not by using Hoppes. :-[    Hoppes and other solvents "WILL" do a job on fiber optic rod and grip tape.
Everyone develops a cleaning method that works for 'them'.  Periodically,  I feel the need to strip all the oils, lubes and residues that have built up after a lot of rounds--with my powder it can wait a few thousand rounds..  I've found Hoppes "Semi-Auto" Solvent/cleaner is a little more aggressive; and following a good dose of that, I spray non-chlorinated brake cleaner throughout the action/moving parts and use compressed air to blow all the crud out.  I also use the "Semi-Auto Solvent" to clean the bore. I then relubricate everything with my preferred lubes.   

YMMV, and this may not be the 'best way' to do it;  but it works for me and hasn't caused any problems.

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Re: Cleaning 75b
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2011, 08:22:42 PM »
Personally I like the G96 products but there are probably lots as good or better.   Anything that has a CLP name will serve you well.   Stands for Cleans Lubricates Protects..   They do all 3 quite well.   The anti corrosion ingredients should keep you rust free under most conditions.   I am careful with cleaners that remove all oil coating as they can leave the firearm unprotected.

Cleaning Tips
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Re: Cleaning 75b
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2011, 09:50:57 PM »
N.C. Brake Cleaner is 100% evaporative--no residue.  It is 'dry'.

Before MSDS became popular, 111 trichloroethane did the same