Author Topic: Witness shoots low right even on bench w/ 9mm. Perfectly fine w/ .22 conversion  (Read 1092 times)

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I have the 9mm/.22 conversion for the Witness Steel, but for the life of me, cannot make the 9mm shoot straight.

I've seen the chart, bench fired, cleaned it spotless, but the 9 groups all at the 5 o'clock position.  When I shoot it with the .22 conversion, I'm in the 10 ring all day long.

I could see where the rear sight drifting cause the lateral drift, but not for the drop.

Please advise, I really, really like this gun, but the inaccuracy is unacceptable.

Thank you for your help.

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take a chill pill.

youve done alot then most already by benching the gun and youre lucky that its consistant in whats its/youre doing so you can go from there.

there could be a couple things going.

1.  google "shooting chart" and see how you stand there w/regards to the 9mm upper.
2.  the 9mm upper sights can be off.   its the way life is when it comes to fixed sights guns.

you can have someone that shoots good or better then you and have him/her try the 9mm upper and see how they shoot it.  if it still does it, then i would think about having a AS put on.  you can always drift the sight over, but its not going to do you any good in the elevation department.

btw, for future purchases, Fixed Sights can be off from POA/POI so beware and understand its the nature of the beast.   if you dont like it, then buy guns with Adjustable sights or have them installed as aftermarket.

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Are you by any chance left handed?  I ask because if you're left handed, and squeezing your whole hand as you pull the trigger, it will pull the muzzle low and right.  It's just the opposite for right handed shooters..

Hope this helps.

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rte148 , try contacting EAA. See if they have different height rear sights for your pistol. If they do you need a taller rear. If not you might be able to file enough off the front sight without getting into the dot to bring up the point of aim. As for it shooting center I just had a witness classic 9mm that shot way right and the sight had to be drifted alot left. Also the gun sight had an allen screw and the factory had drilled a dimple in dovetail for the screw. Being  the sight needed to be moved alot I had to fill the dimple with JB weld so when I retightened the screw on the sight  it wasn't half in and out of the dimple and would hold. Personally I wish the basic witness pistols came with dovetailed font sights. If the gun doesn't shoot to point of aim or you want a different front sight it is a pain in the butt.  Mark

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As bangbang said, be grateful that it’s shooting consistently to one spot and not all over the place
Cheap fix:
Drift the sight left a touch and try a bit hotter load
i.e. If you're shooting 124 gr, try 115 gr
Or, raise your point of aim just a touch
Shoot safe, Den S
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