CZ 97B vs 1911

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Have you considered the Tanfoglio Standard/Combat in .45 ACP?  (AKA .45 EAA Witness in the USA)  ???

If you want mainly a Single Action style Pistol, go 1911.  If you want DA/SA Trigger options go CZ97B or Tanfoglio Standard/Combat.  The thing is, the CZ97B and Tanfoglio Standard/Combat will operate much the same as your CZ75 and that may make some training difference in getting used to the different Manual of Arms for both handguns.

I do have both a Colt 1911 and a couple of all Steel .45 Witnesses (Tanfoglio Standard/Combat) and I can use either, but I have more shooting time on the Witnesses.  I typically carry Hammer down/safety off on a full chamber with most all of my handguns, but the 1911 is a cocked and locked carry gun which is also an option for your CZ75.  Pick one style of carry for whatever platform you use and train with it.

There are no options here on the stile of carry . The law here is that you have to carry a gun with an empty chamber ,and that is for duty gun allso ,  so it does not metter because you have to do the same thing to shoot . And another thing , we don't shoot people here so much , 99% of police officers never shot even once their gun outside the range , and even if someone attacks you you have to shoot to the legs .
  I had for a short time a 1911 gun if you can call a Para Ordonace P14 a 1911 . It is bigger then the standard 1911 but that wasan't a problem ,the problem was that I got it used , and I think it was used by some stupid monkeys by the shape that the gun came to me . I have orderd some parts for it ,springs ,and stuff from US but it was very hard , the gun was ok by the time I changed the parts and shoot well but my love for it was gone so I sold it .

I would also suggest a 1911. The parts may be hard to come by where you live but they are available from the smallest spring to a new slide or barrel.
I've ordered a 97B but I already have 3 1911's, two in .45 and one in 9mm. I also have a CZ75SPO1 which I love and that's the reason I bought the 97B.
The S&W .45 has a different extractor and it works well. It's not as fragile as the Colt extractor and can be replaced easily without special tools. The Colt extractor has to be bent just right for it to be perfectly reliable. But I've never had any problems with the Colt extractor either.

Good Luck in your choice

What god-forsaken country are you from with those silly laws?  I love my CZ's, but my nod here would go to the 1911.  But if I were in your shoes, I would opt for another weapon system in 9mm to to standarize your ammunition selection.

I too like 1911's have had my fair share of'em through the yrs. They are great handguns and as stated 100 yrs is a hard recorded to beat. I know I will catch some flack but the 97 B has bit me hard. I know they are built a tank, and maybe that is what draws me to them. As well as being able to double/single action and vice versa function and locked cocked carry 97B is hard to beat. (&B big try carrying a .50 Desert Eagle concealed. I have and yes it can be done and with comfort to beat. Yes I still love the 1911's be crazy not to.


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