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capt md:
I want a 16.5 " long, barrel for my cz52, where?
I want a 5.45x39mm barrel for my SKS 7.62X39, where or How?

Just got a stainless threaded barrel from Karl and George at They have standard length and threaded stainless. Here is mine with the 6 port brake.


capt md, did I read you correctly in saying that you want a 16.5" barrel for your CZ52 pistol?  i know where you're going with that one I think & I'm working with a 07FFL guy who is excited about making a CZ52 pistol carbine.  
We have the question of how the barrel is attached to the chamber block.  upon very close inspection, i seem to be able to find a very fine fillet weld where the barrel meets the block.  if so, this is great in that we can just cut down an existing barrel & either braze, silver solder or weld on a new carbine length barrel.  .30 cal barrels are extremely easy to come by.  That's the only limiting factor here is attaching the barrel to the block.  After that, drilling and tapping the frame for a foregrip and welding on a stock are no big deal.  We just need to keep it legal under the radar of the ATF & as long as we play by the rules, it should be a great little carbine.
I'll keep you posted.

capt md:
RIGHT ON PhotoPhill--I was thinking of a shaped guncase the gun would slide out of, makeing the stock. alla BATF correct!
 ? Could a 30 cal BBl be threaded female threads to male threads at the chamber? secure with silversudar. Ideas welcome, thanks for the reply.
Feliz Navidad Pro'spero Ano

capt md:
Some bore run over .3115, ? could a 32H&H be chambred for 7.62X25? Some are not pleased with the32H&H.


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