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Request For Help: New Members Read This First
« on: May 01, 2016, 06:42:25 PM »
Welcome Aboard !!

The prime objective of the Ammo & Handloading sub-forum is to help shooters make the most of their CZ firearms. We have a whole host of regulars who generously give of their time to help YOU with YOUR CZ firearm and ammunition issues. Here are some helpful ideas to keep in mind...

► The only "stupid questions" are the ones that didn't get asked.

► Be polite. YOU have the problem. WE are volunteering to help. If you don't like the message, then ask more questions. But don't shoot the messenger!

► Be mature. In the process of helping you, you may get corrected. This is intended to be a critique of your process. Who you are and what actions you have taken are 2 separate things.

► Un-learning bad habits or un-true assumptions can be difficult, but in the end you'll become a better shooter and reloader. In some cases this may take several weeks. Hang in there !!

Your post should contain at a minimum the following information. Cut and paste the following into your post if you want, but we usually need all this information. In the brackets to the right are example answers.

• My CZ pistol/rifle model is:  [example... SP-01 decocker]
• The caliber of my CZ is:  [9x19 Luger]
• My CZ has the following changes:  [8# hammer spring, CGW hammer]
• I use this CZ in the following ways:  [IPSC competition, general plinking, carry or SD]
• I want ammo accurate at:  [25 feet at power factor 130]

• I've been reloading for months/years:  [Just started, 500 rounds completed]
• Fully describe the maker, weight, and type bullet:  [eg Berry 124gr HBRN]
• Powder (brand name and load range):  [Winchester 231, usually between 3.8gr to 4.3gr]
• Primer:  [Winchester SPP]
• My Cartridge Over-All Length is:  [aiming at 1.125", with results from 1.123 to 1.133]
Or, if your issue is with Factory ammo, just plainly state what it is  [Federal 124gr FMJ]

Reloading Equipment
• Press brand and type:  [Lee Classic 3-Position Turret]
• Dies:  [Lee 3-die set]
• Scale:  [digital Wombat 2000]
• Powder Measure:  [Lee Auto-Drum]
• Do you have access to a chronograph ?  [Y/N]

Other Info
• Exactly what is your load data and where did you get it ?  [Hodgdon web site]
• Where are you located ? Is you locale in your profile ?  [North Florida]

Problem Area
• A detailed explanation of the problem you're experiencing. Please try to be concise.
[About every tenth shot my gun fails to go into battery. When this happens the slide is jammed and very hard to open.]

Help us help you! You may not understand why we need this information, but often times the equipment or components behind the ammunition create the issue that only shows up in the gun. So rather than find out 3 weeks later that your issue is caused by a known problem, we'd rather know up-front and diagnose it quickly.

As was said at the beginning... Help us help you.

Welcome  ;)
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