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Re: baldrage's shooting log
« Reply #225 on: May 23, 2018, 11:19:14 AM »
Another short match at the NRA range with three stages plus a 5X5 classifier.  I had two expert-level guys on my squad shooting carry optics who blazed through the match, and I unconsciously pressed, trying to match their speed.  This resulted in the “rush, try, hurry fail” phenomenon all action pistol fans are familiar with -- I had two mikes on the second stage, and a lot of -1s and a -3 on the 5X5 classifier (good thing for me you can't be demoted in IDPA!) .  I came away disappointed with my failure to stay in “match mode” and assumed I would finish middle of the pack, but when the scores were released this morning, I finished 9/35 overall, and 2/10 in SS.  Apparently my two good stages were good enough to balance out my two poor stages.

Take-aways from this match:

- Need to consciously practice keeping trigger finger high and clear during movement.  RO mentioned to me after the match that my finger was creeping down near the trigger guard.  Not enough for a penalty, but close enough to merit correction.

- Need to work on moving quickly/”bursting” between shooting positions.  A fellow shooter was kind enough to take video of me on two stages, and it looks like I am moving in slow-motion!  Draws and reloads were smooth and fast enough, but clearly lacking urgency on foot movement.  First time I have ever seen video of myself shooting, and there is a lot to take away from it.

- Need to change my practice schedule to emphasize “match mode” shooting for a few days prior to a match.  I’ve really been going hard on “speed mode” in my dry-fire practice, and this may have contributed to “rush, try, hurry, fail” on a few stages.

- Need to continue working on mental game.  Don’t get caught up in how other shooters are performing and don’t think about match results during the match.  Easy to say, hard to follow-through on match day!

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Re: baldrage's shooting log
« Reply #226 on: June 02, 2018, 08:54:53 AM »
Live Fire Training, May 30, 2018

Dot torture - 49/50, missed one on SHO, #5.  The misses on #1 were from me adjusting the rear sight.  Thought for sure I was going to clean the drill this time out!

05302018_DOT by baldrage, on Flickr

Walk-back.  Forgot to bring my pack of index cards, so I shot this with 5" circle targets:
10 yards - 5/5, 5/5
15 yards - 3/5, 5/5
20 yards - 4/5, 4/5
25 yards - 5/5, 4/5

05302018_WALKBACK by baldrage, on Flickr

Bullseye at 25 yards - 69/100.  Not fantastic, but I was getting a lot of light strikes by this time, so six of the 10 shots were in DA.
05302018_25BULLSEYE by baldrage, on Flickr

Switched over to 9mm.  Thought I would shoot the new IDPA 5X5 abbreviated classifier a few times:
05302018_IDPA by baldrage, on Flickr

SHO/WHO at 7 yards:  10/10 SHO, 17/20 WHO:

05302018_WHO-SHO by baldrage, on Flickr

Finished up shooting some FAST drills, trying to break 7 seconds.  Came close, but missed one head shot each time for -2 second penalty, so best I did was 8 seconds.

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Re: baldrage's shooting log
« Reply #227 on: June 11, 2018, 01:11:01 PM »
Great match this weekend at Fairfax Rod and Gun Club (FXRGC).  Match Directors and SOs moved almost 100 shooters through registration/shooting safely and efficiently, under an omni-present threat of thunderstorms that fortunately held off until the match had ended.  As always, staff working the match and my fellow shooters were extremely pleasant and bent over backwards to help out those participating in their first match.

I had my best finish ever – 5th out of 97 overall, 2/20 in SS and 3/20 in ESP.  I beat one M-class shooter and a half-dozen Experts, so extremely pleased with my performance!  I have to give a huge shout-out to Steve Anderson – I’ve been listening to his pod-cast, and have 100% embraced his approach to dry-fire practice and Match-Mode, and it is really paying off for me.  I highly encourage anyone that participates in any type of shooting competition to check out his pod-casts for invaluable insight into how to approach practice and the mental game

My take-aways from my last match were: to not worry about results during the match, and to dry-fire in Match Mode rather than Speed Mode in the last few days prior to the match.  I succeeded in both, and had great results on match day.  So my take-away from this match is just to employ the exact same approach, and see if this formula continues to pay off.

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Re: baldrage's shooting log
« Reply #228 on: June 16, 2018, 05:18:06 PM »
Live Fire Training, June 12, 2018

Started off with the Kadet Kit, doing some draw-and-shoot to work on first DA shot.  Results were pretty good:

06122018_PRESSOUT by baldrage, on Flickr

Walk-back -- really good out to 20 yards, 3/5 at 25 yards:

06122018_WALKBACK by baldrage, on Flickr

Bullseye at 25 yards -- 74/100 on first ten shots, then had a lot of light strikes on second ten shots, resulting in DA re-tries, only 52/100:
06122018_25BULLSEYE by baldrage, on Flickr

This was my second outing with a 17# hammer spring, which is supposed to be 100% with the Kadet Kit.  Still had a lot of light strikes in SA, which is surprising.  I will put the Fed Automatch on the shelf and try with CCI minimags next time out to see if the problem persists.

Switched over to 9mm and SHO/WHO at 7 yards.  SHO was OK, usual 8/10.  WHO started off really bad, 2/10, then got better as I remembered to just let the recoil happen -- 6/10, 7/10, 9/10.
06122018_WHO-SHO by baldrage, on Flickr

Finished with transition drill at 10 yards, and did terrible.  Definitely shooting in rhythm instead of getting a good sight picture, combined with flinching on first DA shot.

06122018_TRANSITION by baldrage, on Flickr

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Re: baldrage's shooting log
« Reply #229 on: June 20, 2018, 07:43:01 PM »
Live Fire Training, June 19, 2018

Shot well tonight!

Dot torture: 48/50

06192018_DOT by baldrage, on Flickr

Press-out drill at 3 yards, only missed a handful of shots:
06192018_PRESSOUT by baldrage, on Flickr

Walk-back drill:  again, very solid out to 20 yards; 25 yards was either feast or famine:
06192018_WALKBACK by baldrage, on Flickr

Bullseye -- not so good, 59/100 and 57/100:
06192018_25BULLSEYE by baldrage, on Flickr

Switched over to 9mm, Draw and Shoot 1, hit 23/25, nice job with the heavy 17# hammer spring in DA:
06192018_DRAW1 by baldrage, on Flickr

SHO/WHO at 7 yards -- started off really bad with each hand, but last 10-shot strings were perfect 10/10 SHO and 8/10 WHO:
06192018_WHO-SHO by baldrage, on Flickr

Transition drill at 10 yards, much better this week.  I made sure to wait the extra .1 or .2 second to get a good sight picture:
06192018_TRANSITION by baldrage, on Flickr

Finished up shooting IDPA 5X5 classifer with 9mm and some .40.  All but a handful of the misses were with .40.  Shooting a bit left is a persistent problem with my .40 slide -- either sights are slightly off, or I am flinching a bit in anticipation of recoil.
06192018_CLASSIFIER by baldrage, on Flickr