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Re: Rami dissapointment
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One other possibility.  Is the slide going all the way forward?  In other words, is the slide going fully in to battery so that the firing pin block is raised when the trigger is pulled? 

There is a chance that the gun's safety mechanism is preventing the round from being fired because the slide is not all the way forward.  It might not go all the way forward because the ammo bullet is hitting the lands before the slide can close.  This is common with some ammo/chamber combinations.  I was testing some 147 gr ammo in a SIG last week and had this happen.  The ammo ran fine in another pistol, wouldn't come close in the CZ, and failed a few times in a Sig P-226, similar to what you are reporting. 

I would try some 115 gr rounds in it and just see if the ammo makes a difference due to the shape of the bullet and the overall length.   The Freedom Munitions rounds might just be too long. 


( I missed a few previous replies.  Seems like this is the problem with your Rami--you need short OAL and/or some cone shaped bullets with an ogive that doesn't interfere with the lands before the slide is fully shut. )
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Rami dissapointment
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Yea, i feel pretty stupid for buying the reman ammo from freedom when their new ammo is just $0.01/ round more !! :-\
You should not feel bad at all.  Lots of ranges and training facilities use reman ammo, it's a part of life, the gun should run just as well with it as your other guns do.

I really expect the problems to be rough spots on the slide, breech face, and feed ramp.  Any increased friction slows things down and it takes two rough surfaces and that would not be unheard of in a new RAMI.

An extended break in period will smooth things out and you may have better luck with the reman ammo.  Customer Service is particularly adept at smoothing those spots out if you don't mind sending the gun out.

I would like to hear what happened with the plunk test as I have seen short chambers, but that is really rare. I have yet to see a tighter than spec chamber, but I hear they do happen.

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