Author Topic: Texas Hog hunt BY HELICOPTER  (Read 655 times)

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Texas Hog hunt BY HELICOPTER
« on: March 10, 2017, 10:32:48 PM »
Just passing this info on to Texans who might be interested and have the $1650 to spare:

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Hey guys,
We just got back from scouting a new property yesterday by air in our OH-6 (Little Bird), a little over 3,000 acres of property that is overrun with hogs. Yesterdays hunt got 50+ hogs and 4 coyotes and we didn't have enough time to even cover the whole property!

Wanting to help eradicate out there ASAP and what better way than to let our friends from the IPSC list get some trigger time, Sunday March 19th.

Working with the property owners to help eradicate on their property ASAP, we've got the hunts subsidized to bring the price down, $1,100 an hour for a 3 hour hunt, so instead of $4,200 it is down to $3,300. This covers THREE HOURS OF HUNTING for TWO HUNTERS (Not $3,300 each, $3,300 total, if your splitting it with a buddy it works out to $1,650 each), firearms and ammo (unless you want to use your own). We put a hunter on each side of the aircraft, so there is room for two at the same time.
In addition even though this property is about a 20 minute flight from our base of operations in Temple, we are paying the ferry flight out there and back, so your "three hours of hunting" will be three hours of time over the property actually hunting, getting there and back is on us (plan on spending well more than 3 hours with us to get in your three hours of hunting!)

As you can see we're trying REALLY hard to help these guys out and eradicate some hogs.
The date we're trying to set all of this up on is Sunday March 19th, that is NEXT Sunday.
If interested shoot me an email, (due to nature of business, helicopters and firearms, I don't usually get to answer my phone)<>

If you are current or former Military, Law Enforcement or First Responder let me know and I'll see if we can help out a little bit more too, it won't be much because we're already so deeply subsidized, but maybe we can throw in the ammo or at very least make sure we thank you personally!

As of right now I am only posting this on IPSC List to give ya'll first dibs, if you have some CLOSE friends or family that are interested feel free to share it with them, we're trying to keep it to firearms proficient shooters that are part of our community before we open it up to the "general public", if we have to.

Jeremy Stillman