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CZ455 Scout
« on: March 19, 2017, 12:20:22 PM »
Well, after about a two year hiatus from bolt action .22, I'm back in the fold.  I'm going to be moving into a new house, and will likely be dispatching vermin from my windows, and don't want to be chasing brass all over creation.

I've always loved the CZ Scouts, and the irons on them.  Unfortunately, in order to run my suppressors, I would have had to take off the front sight, or dramatically alter it.  CZ released the 455 Scout, and all my trouble seemed to be over.  I told my local dealer to get one when he saw one...sort of figuring it would be a little while, as they seemed to be out of stock everywhere.

Well, I happened to find on sitting on the shelf in a neighboring county, and it came home.  (and, of course, my dealer texted me the next morning that he got one - so I got

The fit and finish is excellent; the stock is nicely made, shaped, and proportioned.  The sights are very nice, and the adjustment seems pretty secure, though there are no marks to adjust in a set amount.  The trigger is excellent - a very slight amount of creep, then a nice, crisp ~ 3lb break. 

I threw my Sparrow on the end - and it is just as quiet as I remember suppressed bolt action .22.  The click of the firing pin falling, then the impact of the bullet down range.

I put some CCI Standard Vel in the mag, and shot a 5 shot group at 50 yds; it was about a 1.1" group - about 2" from the bullseye.  I was very happy with this - so the sights are well regulated from the factory.

I am digging this little rifle a lot.  I am going to run it as is for a while - I like the sight picture and the simplicity of it.  I might put a red dot on it at some point - maybe a 2-7 scope of some variety, depending on the size and range of the vermin I will have to combat at the new house.