Author Topic: P-10C with Wolff 4lb (for Glock) firing pin (striker) spring, live fire video  (Read 903 times)

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I removed the Glock 4 lb spring this evening.  The trigger wouldn' reset and the firing pin spring KEEPERS had come loose.  This is because the Wolff Glock 4 lb spring ID is just slightly larger than the CZ spring.  With the keeper loose, the firing pin was loose in the channel. 

Note that it took a lot of rounds for this failure to occur, so not everyone will have this problem.  But I'm not going to take a chance on it.  I've put the stock spring back in until I can find one that is the right ID to keep the keepers in place.  The ID on the Wolff Glock 4.5 or 5 lb springs may be small enough for this to never occur.  I haven't tried them yet, however. 

I need to do some polishing and, hopefully, install some CGW parts this fall anyway. 

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