Author Topic: Can someone school me on additional CGW upgrades - for a SP01 Shadow Target II  (Read 265 times)

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I have the shadow Target II. I know it’s on the far high end, so it’d be tough to do a ton to make it “better.” I got the CGW trigger pin. I bought the bushing. I think I’m going to mail it in for the hand fitted disconnector to bring take up to zero. I’ll also pick up a threaded barrel.

Any other work people think that can be done to add more race to the gun? If I dropped trigger pull, I wouldn’t want to drop it to the point of light primer strikes on harder primers. Reliability first. I also probably wouldn’t want to mess with the return spring so to keep a nice positive reset. It’s 11# recoil and 13# main right now. Maybe elevated sights or a milling for a dot. I’m all ears.

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I'd say mill for a red dot and call it good.  After you've put 10K rounds through it then you'll know the worth of the last 1% of upgrades.

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A buddy of mine has one and I have shot it. I would be hard pressed to find any ways of improving it short of the hand-fitted disco. His is pretty darn accurate so I'm not sure the bushing is called for (in his case at least).