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PLEASE DELETE! Group Buy: Peak Case for Scorpion EVO
« on: June 19, 2017, 10:39:06 AM »
Hello guys!

I was looking for a "perfect" case for my EVO and stumbled upon this case made by Peak Case.  I sent them an email regarding their "VOLUME DISCOUNTS OF 4 PCS OR MORE".  Tom replied back to me and said it is a 15% off. So from $124.95 it comes down to $106.20.

What do I like about this case?
  • It is custom made for the EVO
  • Plenty of space for accessories and magazines for both your EVO and other pistol
  • Gun fits with an optic sight, angled grip, and folding stock
  • Bottom level to carry your secondary handgun as well, will look good with my P09 stored in there
  • It's made in the USA so it is 922r compliance (this is a joke ;D)

What I don't "love" about this case:
  • Optic sight cutout is all the way to the back, some of us prefer our optics to be a 2-3 (maybe more) inches forward
  • Contour was made for an EVO with modified BUIS
  • Will not fit a secondary handgun with a light installed
  • Will fit only an EVO with a stock handle*

I sent them 2 additional questions regarding the first 2 points that I don't love.  Their website says they can do small modifications at "Minimal Or No Cost".  *For the stock handle "issue", I dont think there is much that we can do here unless we send them different tracings of all of our guns and that will just complicate things.*
Like I said, we need 4 or more for this group discount to apply so if anyone is interested please comment.  Please do tell any questions/suggestions you might have.

Mods: Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post.  Since it is not myself who is selling anything I thought classifieds wasn't the best place to post this.  I also want it to get more exposure to EVO users and not other members in general.


PS: I will update this post after I hear from them again.

Edit 1: I talked to Tom, he gave me the following details: (1)Payment will have to be submitted by 1 person only (2)He can ship to multiple addressees (3)Discount also applies to shipping (4)Grand total will be around $120.30

Edit 2: After some investigation, I found out that the box is a Rigid box from Home Depot and it costs only $29 with free shipping if you pick it up.  A pre-cut foam can be purchased at Kizen Inserts for $26.50 with free shipping as well.  So this guy is making about a 100% profit.  It will probably not look as neat though...  Just FYI.

Edit 3: Asking mods to close this as it seems there is no interest.  Thanks for looking.

Some example images:

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