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Re: confidence a bit shaken in CZ
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The political situation in canada is not what people  think?
Restricted guns has been on the increase more than any time in the past.The only thing is that one must take a course in order to get a license to purchase a restricted rifle or hand gun.The amount of memberships at gun clubs is on the increase as well as sales of restricted guns.
Yes you have a liberial  thrust trap as a prime minister who keeps talking about cutting back on guns but that is just talk for now.
Most of the guns sold are coming from the USA.
As for CZ USA they carry CZ  parts in stock so turn around is fast while grech canada does not carry any CZ parts and has to order them from the Czech Republic.This can take up to 3 to 4 months to put the order threw and ship. I have an email sent to me from CZ Czech Republic stating they are having licencing issue from manufacturers in the chec.republic.
What is a hot seller right now is Sig.
Since they signed to supply the US armed forces they are selling off the shelves and are back order.
I am not saying CZ is not a good hand guns but it is a nightmare to get warrenty service in canada.CZ has changed  the warrenty centre in the last few years as finding it hard to find anyone willing to take on the nightmare to repair the CZ guns as can not get parts.
A lot of people I talk to refuse to by CZ due to this problem.
CZ will wake up and realize there sales are not good compared to US made guns. This all due to there poor warrenty service compared to other manufacturers in canada.
Good gun s--tty service.
Anyway in my 6 month still waiting.
Listen to Trump buy American.
And don't worry about what you hear about our liberal government our prime minister is to busy getting his picture taken on the cover of rolling stone check out this month's issue or taking selfes with young girls to really work at running the country.
Guns have been around in canada for the last 150 years and will be around for a long time to come. HELL take away our rifles and we will be overrun by bears, moose, and deer, and many more wild animals.
Hunting and fishing is big business in canada and no selfie king will take that away.
What CZ has to worry about is getting parts for warranty service to CZ owners as sales are being affected with CZ in canada while USA made guns are flying off the shelves.
Competition is rough and the only way to make it in north America is sell a good product and service the hell out of it.

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Re: confidence a bit shaken in CZ
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Well alrighty then. Sounds like some one has been into the Canadian Mist.