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new sp01 at the range
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:41:10 AM »
I took my sp01 out to my private range a couple of days ago and got to put her through her paces.  Hands down craps on the m9a3 I used in the military.  Anyway I read all over the internet that "it is best to break the cz in with 115gr"  I thought it sounded like bullcrap so I brought an old box of 115 (iirc remington) and a box of winchester 124.  Out of 100 rounds of 115 I got 20 on paper and only one in center mass and the groupings were all over the bleeped place with all rounds falling in a cone about 3 feet across.  115 was just not cycling the slide correctly and I believe the problem was that the bullet was still in the chamber when the slide was almost fully extended to the rear which applied force on the pistol raising the muzzle up to bleep near 1130 and about 35* to the left resulting in the round going on a wild ride. 

Also I ran into one problem, firing pin failed to strike once.   I didnt fully disassemble the action because to be honest I was intimidated by the complexity.  Im assuming this failure is a result of factory grease on the firing pin, and not the result of a defective action.  Correct?