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Single Point Sling Attachment?
« on: July 10, 2017, 09:18:21 PM »

I was wondering if there was a sling attach option for a single point sling. Similar to the  "compromise" Hk offers on their SP5K. Czechpoint supplies two predrilled holes for the stock I would think could be made use of. Per Czechpoint the two holes measure 17.50 mm center to center. However, Magpul QD attachments are measured 20 & 23mm.

What I'm hoping for is to find a QD sling hole or a 2 slot picatiny rail that could fit. Is it possible? Is there not an after market add on to make use of the predrilled holes for a QD sling attachment? I have seen the AK style set ups, that stem out of the handle's top but nothing specific for the VZ61.

I think the sling would be a nice add on.

For a visual something like this placed in the rear of a stockless pistol:

FYI Czechpoint has a arm brace adapter in the works for VZ61 models which should roll out soon.

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