Author Topic: Why the pre-1980 S&W revolvers?  (Read 332 times)

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Re: Why the pre-1980 S&W revolvers?
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^^^^My 640 Pro Series went back 3 times last year before S&W FINALLY got it right. Initially the barrel/cylinder gap was far to large at .014 and the crane did not mate to the frame properly at the pivot point. The gun came back with the bc gap down to .008 and the barrel screwed on canted off center and nothing was done to address the crane issue. I sent it back for the now crooked barrel and the crane issue and 4 weeks later it came back with the barrel canted the other direction and no change with the crane issue. Back for a 3rd inning and this time supposedly the custom shop worked on the gun and straightened out the barrel,the bc gap is now down to .005 which is perfect and they fixed the crane issue.
No they are not what they used to be. I have many S&W's from the 60,s 70,s and 80,s and they are all solid quality performers but the new stuff. Never again.

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Re: Why the pre-1980 S&W revolvers?
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After reading some of the above post one thing I have noticed in the new Smiths has been hard extraction of fired cases is more common in the newer revolvers.

As my departments lead firearms instructor I have seen a lot of off duty weapons come across my range and whenever someone gets a new Smith its rare that there isn't an issue with it. Usually minor but more often than not needing to be sent back to S&W for repair.

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