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Just want to say...................
« on: July 21, 2017, 03:31:07 PM »
I just purchased my 6th CZ 527   This one is the 17 Remington Varmint..............all I can say is WOW!    Ive always wanted a 17 Remington and when I saw that CZ was making a limited run of them again I found one on Gun Broker and what a fun Cartridge ....
    The thing that has always impressed my about the 527's that I have had is their accuracy.   
   Ive been working up a load in the 17 and have had over the top accuracy shooting the 25gr Berger......the groups just blew me away.  Three shot groups in the .2's     Now that's better than a Cooper at $1500 more.    Have been shooting the Reed's 26gr RBBT and five shot groups at .4  Impressive.
   Just got some Reed's 32gr RBBT's and I'm impressed with them also..............first work up groups at 21.6gr of H4895 was .4 also   I'm working with bullet seating depth now and with a BC of .301 and a velocity of 3700fps +   this is a HUGE improvement over the berger with a BC of .152    This will be a coyote killing combination.   
     What a great rifle and at $600   Cooper is in trouble............................

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Re: Just want to say...................
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2017, 01:07:46 PM »
Rimrockhunter: I share your opinion on the ((( WOW ))) factor of the CZ 527 Varminter in 17 REM. I have had my CZ 527 Varminter in 17 REM for several years now, and I think mine is just pure magic. My Reloads are  20gr Hornady V-Max`s, with 24.5 grs of H4895 powder. And 25gr Hornady V-Max`s and 25gr Hornady HP`s with  22.5grs of H4895 powder for both. All three loads will shoot a 1/4 inch at a 100yds all day long as long as I do my part.  I use my CZ 17 REM Varminter to shoot Coyotes, Fox, Badgers, Groundhogs, Rockchucks, Prairie Dogs, and Jackrabbits and any other Varmint I happen run across. I still can`t get over being able to see the bullet strike befor I hear the rifle fire. And You are right about a CZ 17 REM Varminter being a Varmint Killing Machine. I have shot my 17REM alot over the years. And it has never ceased to amaze me. And I like it more every time I shoot it. And all the stories you hear about all the bad things you have to put up with a 17REM. Are just not even close to being true, at least on my rifle  they are not. Keep us informed on how Your new CZ 17 REM preforms for You.