Author Topic: Which headstamps are best  (Read 597 times)

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Re: Which headstamps are best
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It reminds me when I started reloading, about 2 years ago.
After making the same Inquiries as any concerned new reloader, like Copemech did, I was very careful at picky up range brass.
After collecting 50 of those, I gave up, just too slow to get the right amount.
I went online and bought 1000 once fired brass for $30 if I remember correctly.
That was then. Now, I only use range brass. I just counted my stache, and I have around 12000 brass  ;D, I need to slow down now.
The best part of picking up range brass, you do get your exercise.

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Re: Which headstamps are best
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Free range brass works best for me  :)