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CZ 70 mags without finger extensions
« on: August 10, 2017, 03:41:55 PM »
So, in my endless quest for those elusive extra CZ 70 mags, I came across a guy on eGay who made me a pretty good deal for two mags @ $38 each with free shipping.

The downside is that they're set up military-style without the finger extensions on the bottoms of the mags --- which shouldn't be a problem since I've never been a fan of them & it still allows you to get a good cupping grip on the weapon.
I find finger extensions continuously snag when using IWB holsters for CCW.

I don't like the finger extensions on my S&W 3rd Generation 6906 & just flat-out removed them from the Chip McCormick mags that came with my last 1911.
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