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Just another thing to check when you get that new holster
« on: August 24, 2017, 11:55:20 AM »
I just got in a couple new kydex belt clip holsters from the Cleveland Kydex Co.

I've ordered from them a couple times before.  There holster fit my pistols and worked.  This is not a complaint thread, just a reminder to check things out.

The most recent order was two of the same style holsters, one in FDE and one in some kind of green kryptek camo (for my oldest son's CZ 75 Compact).  I'd ordered two a month or so back and got one with the belt clip and one with the belt loop.  My son didn't like the belt loop model and wanted the belt clip model (I ordered another one for myself as well).

The green kryptek holster seemed fine.  Unloaded the CZ 85 Compact (project gun, I added the controls, in case someone wonders) and put the holster on my belt and the pistol went in fine.  The holster held it even when turned upside down while I shook it around.   Good to go.

I got the FDE holster in my hand, inserted the pistol and barely managed to catch it as I turned it upside down.  No way was that holster holding the pistol in place.  You could hold it right side up and bounce it and the pistol would try to rise up out of the holster.

That is what caught my attention.  What I focused on.  Seems the area of the holster (inside the trigger guard) was not indented enough to lock the pistol into the holster.  That's easy to fix with the heat gun and a round handled screw driver.

Remember, I said I focused on the loose fit.  In the in/outs of the pistol into the holster I realized the safety was in the off position.  My first thought was, "How did I not notice that when I put it in the holster?"  I'd unloaded it, but the hammer was back from racking the slide to empty the chamber and I thought I'd put it on safe (habit).  So I did put it on safe.  Then I put the pistol back in the holster and was looking at the holster with a flashlight trying to confirm the problem was in the area of the trigger guard.  When I pulled the pistol back out of the holster, the safety was OFF, again.  Now the holster/trigger guard stuff was "gone" from my mind and I was struggling with the idea that the safety was OFF (twice).

I put the safety ON again, put the pistol in the holster and pulled it back out and the safety was OFF.  Holy cow!

My first thought was the right side safety was making contact with the holster where the belt clip is attached (a real CZ 75 Compact wouldn't have that right side safety - so it wouldn't be the holster makers error).  I went to the garage, grabbed the heat gun and a fat shafted screw driver and relieved the holster to remove contact between it and the safety (actually made an angled ridge in it hoping to make a place for the right side safety to lay with kydex above and below it to lock the safety in the SAFE position.

Got the pistol back in the holster and pulled it out and the safety was only partially on SAFE.  What??  Put it on safe, inserted it, pulled it out, same thing.  The safety was still moving and it wasn't contacting the right side of the holster when I inserted it into the holster.

Kept using the bright flashlight (along with a second pair of glasses to help see the little stuff even better) and finally saw the left side safety was making contact, too.  As the pistol goes into the holster it's sort of got a grip to the rear angle and then as it moves fully into the holster it moves forward slightly.  That was causing the left side safety to be pushed to the "rear", or downward on the frame, as the pistol moved forward.

Took some fiddling with it to get that back side/left side of the holster completely out of contact with the left side safety. 

Then I got the kydex in the area of the trigger guard "fixed" to grip the pistol and put me some leather on the "inside" of it to pad my chub from the hammer and beavertail.

I'm not complaining about Cleveland Kydex Co.  For me, it's too much trouble/aggravation to send stuff back, I usually just fix it myself so I'm not without what ever I bought while I'm waiting on it to be fixed by someone else.

Just fully check out your holster and how the pistol fits into it before you start carrying it.  No one wants a loud surprise.

Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  So, if you see me walking the dogs with my SIG 556R, its okay.

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Re: Just another thing to check when you get that new holster
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2017, 01:18:03 PM »
 Good post.