Author Topic: Thoughts on CMCW Reciever?  (Read 100 times)

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Thoughts on CMCW Reciever?
« on: September 08, 2017, 02:11:26 PM »
Hi everybody,
I just got my first vz. 58 (2k8) and it's generally been a bit of an underwhelming experience.  It's fun to shoot but it has had a bit of a rough start. First off, When it arrived it was super dirty and appeared to have some minor corrosion from shooting yugo ammo and being left for a few months, so i had to deal with that, then I found out it had a bent piston and THEN when i finally got put to shoot it, it would fail to go fully into battery every 5th shot or so (I think bad recoil spring).  As i said, underwhelming.

I have shot other friend's vz. 58s and I think that the problem is with my individual firearm and not the system itself.   Anyways, after reading through this incredibly helpful forum I am very seriously thinking about just building my own so I can have everything just the way I like it.

If I decide to go that route it seems like the soon to arrive CNC Warrior reciever is the only way to go right now and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or information on it. Do you guys think it will super close to the originals like CSA recievers, or something that just barely misses the mark like the one from CAI? I'm trying to put together the nicest rifle I can and I would like it to be as close to the original as I can get it.  I'm more than willing to put the time in to get it right but I don't want to start off on a project like this if the reciever isn't right (let alone drop $600).

Please ley me know what you think. Any input is welcomed. Thanks!

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