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CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready pistol. Can anyone share with me what site image should be used?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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It is a 6 O'clock Hold.

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Really? I thought CZ's came with "center-hold" sights.

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"Stuart" a member here from CZCustom can likely let you know the type of sight hold intended for your pistol.

6:00 O'clock on what size and distance target?  I wouldn't think this gun is designed around Bullseye type targets.
I don't have a tactical,  but I would think center mass might be appropriate for SD/combat use. 
For targets of varying sizes and distances,  center hold/using the tops of the sights aligned with the POI will work for all sizes of targets.
This is strictly a shooter preference item.  Front or if needed rear sights to clear a suppressor can be changed to meet the shooter's preference.

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Where does it "hit" for you?

I ask because my P01 Urban Gray, with 115 grain hollowpoints hits about 2" low at 12 to 15 yds. - for me.  If my wife shoots it with the same ammo the bullets impact about 1" high.

Buy some different ammo.

Is it for range fun?  Competition? or self defense?

Different ammo will hit higher/lower on the target.  The type of ammo (brand/bullet weight/bullet style) will affect where the bullet hits the target vs. the point of aim.

Oh, we use the center of the target for the aiming point.  Top of the front sight level with the top of the rear sight and centered in the notch.
Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  So, if you see me walking the dogs with my SIG 556R, its okay.

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depends on the distance  that you plan to shoot, the weight of the projectile and the power of the round.
I shoot 124 hollow point plated as target fodder in both my SP-01 tactical and Shadow 2.
the SP-01 has a center hold out to say 25-30 yards, the Shadow 2 has a 6 O'clock hold  as I have adjusted the sights for that hold.
this is just an example and as mentioned depends on a  lot of factors.
best bet is to bag it down at the expected range to be shot and see where it prints with the ammo that you are going to use.
bagging and benching removes "Most" of the human error, so then you can't blame the gun for misses when you stand and shoot!!!

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* * Disclaimer... I am a newbie and need to learn much more. . .  my objective is to determine if the firearm needs any sight adjustments and how I need to improve as a shooter.  * * *

This firearm is used at the range.

When having a center hold POA (124 grain, FMJ, BLAZER BRASS) the impact has been high and to the right at  distance of 21 feet (7 yards).  When using a POA at 6 O'clock at this same distance the impact has been grouped close or in the bullseye.

I have had a few experienced shooters replicate the same results with center POA at 21 feet, high and to the right. When adjusting to a 6 o'clock POA the results where on target.

The CZ manual states: "The pistol sights were zeroed in at the factoryt at a distance of 25m so that the mean point of impact approximately conforms to the point of aim". This is almost 4X the distance of travel to where I am aiming.

I am assuming the pistol is sighted correctly and the the above is the results of multiple variables that have been mentioned in this thread,ballsitics, newbie shooter, ammo, and distance to the target. I intend to follow olfarhors advise and use a bag and a bench at the 25m mark and see how this prints. To be continued . . .

Thanks for all the replies.

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Hello on my tactical I use POA and have great results at 25 yards or less. Have never touched the sights out of the box yet. The more you shoot the better you will become.