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To those who choose to install the "Safety" mode on their P-07/09, consider this:

Aside from the fact that the pistol was originally designed to be decocked using the Decocker and is safe that way, those who choose to convert to "Safety" must rely upon the flimsy, easily bendable, kinkable and definately losable little "Safety" spring. You also are at the mercy of the plastic "detent" part that fits into a detent when the pistol is "on safe".

When my P-07 was new, I too thought a safety might be a good thing (before I saw how the Firing Pin block works).

First "Safety" spring kinked and jammed between the lever and the frame, turning my self-defense weapon into a scratchy-levered fidget-spinner.

2nd "Safety" spring disappeared completely, never to be found again.

Needless to say, there will never be a 3rd "Safety" spring, plastic detent or so-called "Safety".
Once I switched to Decocker--it has functioned flawlessly, safely and reliably and the Decocker will stay on my P-07.

Those who choose to go with the "Safety"; I hope none of this ever happens to you. But a thin spring is a thin take a look at that flimsy little slinky and ask yourself if you can really depend on it if your life depends on it. And if you can't...why did you want the little slip-bendy-fidget spinner in the first place? It does NOTHING to make a FP blocked pistol safer anyway.