Author Topic: Best USPSA Stage from Past Weekend (Plate Rack + Texas Star)  (Read 550 times)

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Best USPSA Stage from Past Weekend (Plate Rack + Texas Star)
« on: September 25, 2017, 01:41:03 PM »
This was a ton of fun to shoot! Unfortunately the match didn't go well for me getting a 0 on the classifier, and running out of ammo on the last stage due to a reshoot... That said.. I think this was my first stage win ever even with the miss!

Kinda disappointed on the Texas star since I got it going real fast with no movement, but shooting low targets isn't something I really practice, and I had my sights misaligned during the last few shots of the mag. I hesitated on the mag reload because I couldn't remember if I had an extra mag on me (low ammo), and I was also taking a look to the left to  see if I had A hits (I didn't, 1 M). I had one M in the middle array because I just barely nicked the hard cover unfortunately otherwise my score would have been way better! I hadn't shot in over a month so I'm still very happy with how I did. I have to relearn my draw stroke as I've tightened down my holster a lot now.

I gotta work on transitioning faster too. I noticed in this video that my body movement is too slow. I also make waaaay too many mikes. My time is consistently up there with #1 guy, but I just miss too much.