Author Topic: Done with the NRA -- NRA wants to ban bumpfire stocks & other near f/a devices  (Read 1283 times)

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For those that say, not one inch. Well that mule left the barn in 1934 (NFA). Get rid of NFA and we have no problems. That will happen right after the Pope becomes a Baptist. Just sayin'

I doubt if there are very many if any on this board who had any control over 1934 so that point is moot. Had there been a newswire in 1934 like we have today I doubt the NFA would have gotten passed.You're also talking the throes of the great depression (another government generated mess) so many people were merely trying to survive not even knowing there was an NFA in the works.
We can thank GOVERNMENT for just about all our problems then and today. Politicians are a metastatic cancer on society.

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My take is, "pick your battles". That being said, I won't battle anyone who suggests that these devices should be banned. Frankly, I've never liked them because they are clearly meant to circumvent law. There are much more important fights, such as national reciprocity and the hearing protection act. I'll fight those battles instead.