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Re: Shadow2,TSO,Limited minor/major
« Reply #15 on: December 29, 2017, 01:44:13 PM »
Yeah, Option B. However, through the year I may decide to do a hybrid or Option C:
SP01 milled with a DPP for CO or MPX for PCC are still up in the air. I’d want to sink another $400 into the MPX for a fore end and magwell but other than that it is tuned to run the same ammo as my Production gun right now (147s). I may have to tune that to 124s but we’ll see.

SP01 PROD and 2011 LTD Maj. are a lock though.

In January I will be taking a hard look at the PCC v CO. I’m leaning toward CO because it is still a handgun, still a SP01. That means less of a learning curve. So should be easier transition.

PCC is just plain fun to run though.

I’m really enjoying the process. Now if I can just get slots.....

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Re: Shadow2,TSO,Limited minor/major
« Reply #16 on: December 29, 2017, 03:03:55 PM »
My PCC is an AR-9 that I put together from parts.  It evolved over time as new aftermarket parts came available.  It currently wears a Taccom 5.5” barrel with aluminum shroud to get me to 16.1” and made a big different in shifting the weight back towards the receiver instead of at the muzzle for quicker transitions.  Shorter barrel also means I can share same ammo as my pistols whereas before my minor PF pistol ammo was pushing 145 PF out of a 16” barrel. A friend has a MPX with a short barrel and shroud from Springer Precision with a Carbon Arms handguard that handles very quick, but with the advantage of the Sig recoil system.  Comparing the two side by side, hands down the Sig is softer recoiling over the AR-9’s blowback.  Be curious to see how the CMMG’s delayed rotating blowback system plays out for the AR’s. The last year saw a lot of innovation in the PCC world, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more coming. 

I’m seeing more people jump on the Carry Optics wagon which is probably a reflection of the growing trend towards dots on pistols for EDC or HD.  I can see the appeal but I’m not ready to hack my 75 Shadow or P10C to mill the slide for a dot just yet.  I do shoot Steel Challenge sometimes with a .22 1911 Marvel conversion with a C-More and there’s something to be said about a dot for pure speed. 

Despite my appreciation for CZs, at the end of the day I’m still a 1911/2011 fan and shoot that platform the most.  I played around with the Shadow 2 at the side match stage at last year’s Iron Nats and I can see the appeal if I get serious about Production again (I used to have a SP-01 from CZC that I sold right before the S2s came out). 

I live out west, so prefer it when Nats is on this side of the country.  I worked the B2B Nats in Florida in 2015 and despite the travel stipend USPSA gives match staff I was still out of pocket due to airfare and rental car.  That said, Universal has a really nice range and the staff there knows how to put on a good match (or matches in this case).