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Excellent DW/CZ-USA service
« on: January 26, 2018, 11:02:50 PM »
Hi all.  Just wanted to relate excellent service with DW/CZ-USA, expected but still appreciated.  We got a Valor .45 govt SS--via Gun Broker (btw multiple GB purchases over several years with various sellers, never a problem), over the holidays.  Lovely as expected, took it to the range, ~75 rd's in realized (by virtue of a laceration on the web of my thumb) that the thumb safety wasn't blended right, there was a 1-2 mm protrusion, razor-sharp, of the back of the thumb safety over the edge of the back of the frame next to the grip safety.

So--get on DW/CZ support message line--immediate issuance of warranty return/fedex label--off it goes--back in 10 days (!!!)--blending completely fixed, smooth as silk--gratis polishing of ramp/chamber/barrel hood.  Awesome--haven't taken it back to range yet, but service as good as could be expected.

Thanks DW/CZ, fewer things better than having our biases confirmed.  Happy New Year all--


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Re: Excellent DW/CZ-USA service
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2018, 02:57:32 PM »
I just picked up a black Valor in .45 and while it's a tack driver and appears highly reliable after 400 rnds in 2 sessions I have the same issue with the safety tearing my hand apart. I'll be calling for a return myself. This seems to be an ongoing issue for DW  sloughing off on these safeties. The time it takes to do it right before shipping has too be cheaper than paying to ship the gun back both ways plus the time involved in the repair.
I know DW service is top shelf just like CZ-USA but it is a bit off putting and disappointing to have what would be a stellar new gun experience marred by the neglect of a very simple finishing operation.