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When I had the 527M/CSR in for it's tune up, I was told by several people that my reloads couldn't be accurate, that the rifle was designed for commie steel case stuff. A senior gunsmith was stunned that I reloaded for this rifle. So, I decided to do a quick head to head, as it were.

You remember my baby, right? Say hi to the nice folks...all rounds fired were from the bench, front rested, overcast, light wind, iron sights, 100 yards.

The range was busy, so I had to come up with something to make things easier and faster. Not to shoot, though I did freak some people out changing magazines in a bolt action rifle...what I did was arrange three targets on the stand, and the three different rounds in the same manner, so glance at the amm and know which targets they correspond too. Not original, but it works.
Here we go...

That is Wolf original. Not Classic, not Military, but the very first Wolf brought in sometime in the early 90s. It's been around for a while, Worked perfectly. The other two are something of a funny by themselves =- I have been using the 123 spire point for SD/hunting load for some time, and my last trip to Brunos I THOUGHT I bought the same thing, but I had gotten SSts instead. I really like the looks of that bullet, and after today, I'm thinking I might buy more of them. Without further ado, the first target set;

Draw your own conclusions. However, it wouldn't be fair to do that only once.

The setup - yes, I have multiple magazines - worth the expense in my mind.

And the boom.

Hmm. At this point I had some Junior Mints move in to my left, who gloried n firing a scoped 30-06 of some make off the shoulder at a LARGE target at 100 yards  and brag how good they were. I am not claiming this as an excuse for the next set of targets...but I might be tempted. I was out of both the Wolf and the spire points so this was all SST.

I'm thinking the human element is on full display here...AKA I can't shoot straight on a nice cool spring day. However, the rifle worked perfectly, people jumped when she spoke out of that short barrel, and several people wanted to take a look. For what i hope to finally use this carbine for, coyote at medium range, I think this will work just fine. BTW, just for grins and giggles, the target "bullseyes" are 6 1/2 inches wide at the base and 4 and 5/8 inches tall at the center.
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