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Kadet Kit versions
« on: March 09, 2018, 11:33:13 AM »
The CZ Folks directed me to CZC to inquire about a Kadet kit purchase because they are reserving their 2018 Kadet kits for you.

I have always had luck teaching young folks with S&W 41 and Ruger Mk II pistols as a step up from air gun on the way to centerfire. I am wondering about trying a Kadet kit on an SP-01 since that is one of my best centerfire pistols for helping them achieve action sports after basic handling and bullseye fundamentals are covered.

My understanding from the 2018 catalog and the phone call to CZ, is that the new version can be purchased at CZC. The new version is for the Shadow and SP-01 and is supposedly 1612 and the older file to fit version is 1610.

I would assume the new version allows me to easily swap it onto any SP-01 and that may or may not work out with the 1610 version?

More important than the compatibility with any pistol is the accuracy. My question is based on gradually introducing the SP-01 frame with the rim fire, but if it isn’t accurate the feedback of learning to call your shots isn’t as easy.

Is an older 1610 kit more accurate than a new 1612 kit for 25 yard slow fire?

Is the 1612 kit really as easy to mount and run without filing to fit as the catalog claims?

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Re: Kadet Kit versions
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 02:48:33 PM »
The file to fit us really a gum thing not a kit thing so I'm guessing either is about the same for older kits. IF it requires fitting your wife's fingernail file is usually good enough and takes very little time. Just kidding as it would disrupt the happy wife thing, but you get the idea.  IE my Kadet kit fit fine on an older glossy blue 75B but no so much on my nickel 75B. would not have taken much to make it fit but I didn't because I keep it on my glossy. Have had other Kadet kits that I did file to fit on 4 different 75B pistols and all where still tight and VERY accurate. In fact I sol my 1970s SW41 after using the first Kadet kit on my CZs. The Kadet I still have (out of 5) is also threaded and suppressed and a major favorite of the younger grand kids etc. This unmolested kit also fits my stainless but not my SP01 Shadow.  As you can see it varies a LOT but is not a big deal at all to fit.

The NEW one is a one pc slide so it likely doesn't need fitting BUT until they show me the one pc is as accurate as the older kits the jury is still out for me.
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