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Hey folks,

So I found out after swapping around some sights that these pistols come stock with 3? different front sight heights?
#2 (5.5), #3 (5.75) and #4 (6.0)

But only 1 size/height rear sight, correct?

What determines what size goes on what pistol? Are they different for different POA/POI?

My first 09 came with a #4 front sight (just learned that today). I shot the gun with a "top of the blade" hold (6 o'clock hold IIRC), which was what I prefer and worked perfect for me. I swapped out the front sight for a czc fiber front (off another 07 (which has the czc black rear) and noticed during my first session today that I was shooting high. I actually inspected things when I got home and found that I actually managed to bend the front of the fiber optic front sight down a decent little bit, so that added to the high shots.

So I am confident that getting a 6.0mm fiber front sight from czc will return the gun to shoot as before with the stock sight. Correct?

For my 2nd 09, with a #3 stock front sight - I would guess it probably shoots with more of a "drive the dot" sight picture? This might add to the reason why I don't shoot it as well as my 1st one.
Would putting a 6.0mm fiber front give me the "top of the blade" hold I prefer?

I think that makes sense to me and should work, just want to check with folks with more knowledge or insight than me. Especially before I order some sights that may or may not work. I'm sure the easiest solution is to just order complete sets from czc but I like the stock rears with the dots blacked out, plus czc is out of the black rears anyways. (I much prefer their fiber front sight to dawsons - dawsons is just to small of a front sight and the fiber sits a little too high for me).

TIA for any help.

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Re: p-07/09 stock sight configurations/ - need forum knowledge help!
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2018, 11:22:13 AM »
For P09 #1, yes the #4 6.0mm front should return your gun to zero.

For P09 #2, a taller front sight will lower your POI to somewhere farther below your dot.  If you want to raise the impact to the top edge of the sight post, you need to go with a shorter front.  With the P09 sight radius of 6.7" going from the #3 to a #2 would raise the POI just over 1" at 25 yards.  The #2 is equivalent to a 0.137" front sight blade after taking into account the .070" added for the dovetail.  A .130" tall front would raise the poi by about 2". 

The other option is to raise the rear sight to raise POI.  I believe the CZC P09 HTAC will raise the POI 3-5" at 25 yards if you keep the front sight the same.

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Re: p-07/09 stock sight configurations/ - need forum knowledge help!
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Ahh, gotcha - thanks!!