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Finally got to the range this morning and put 335 rounds through my new P-01 Omega. Used 8 different types of ammo including 115, 124, and 147 gr FMJ and JHP. The gun ate all of it. No issues whatsoever. I've mentioned that this is my 3rd CZ...well, it also is fast growing into my favorite. Very good shooter and very accurate. Maybe it's just me, but this one seems even more accurate than my other 2. Very pleased with this handgun... 8)

Congrats, sounds like a good day!
I have two P10Cs. I have never before owned two of the same pistol.

I'm thinking about buying another as well.  :)
I don't want to hijack the thread, but a far bigger gripe is when people embarrass themselves by not using actual words correctly.

FITMENT is a classic example.

Your gripe is understandable; but not as deliberate as the use of acronyms.

And of course if a word gets misused enough by the general public; it becomes accepted use.

How many times have you heard 'clip' when describing a semi-auto pistol magazine. Sheesh!

OK, I can accept than some folks just don't know any better.

But what really gripes me are Legislators making laws and regulations about things they have NO CLUE about.    >:(

General Discussion / Re: History as I recall.
« Last post by rhart on Today at 10:19:10 PM »
Before 1980, the wheel gun was considered the primer self defense gun. The 1911 in 45 auto was the only semi that was considered a viable combat / self defense pistol. Just about every police officer in the state of Texas carried a revolver, 41 mag for some of the dept. Of public safety,  38 special or 357 mag for most others. Very few carried a 1911, as semi auto pistols were considered unreliable at the time.  9mm luger was more of a novelty, a ww2  trophy. There was only one pistol that had more capacity than a 1911, the browning high power with its 13 rounds. Col. Jeff Cooper, a notable writer and master of the self defense handgun, liked the browning high power  but didn't like the 9mm it came in. He liked the 1911 but again didn't like its flaws, it was big and hard to master the recoil of the 45. In the late 70's he came across a pistol that was made in a soviet satellite state, chekoslovika , called the CZ 75. It had the slide rail of the Sig, the lockup of a browning and a grip angle more conducive for accuracy with a 15 round capacity.  Col Cooper pronounced it the best fighting pistol in the world.  The only drawback was the anemic 9mm round. I was able to pick up one in 1980 in Europe. They couldn't be imported into the US because they came from a communist country. It wasn't until the late 80's or early 90's that ammo makers started to load good self defense ammo. Col Cooper was the inspiration for the 10mm and the cz75 knockoff called the bren 10. Now, every gun maker offers a semi pistol in 9mm and or a short 10mm  (40s&w). Although I still like a wheel gun, I love my CZ's.

My recollection differs somewhat as far as the 9mm pistols are concerned. In the late sixties, just about every gangster type I knew either had or wanted a Browning Hi Power (HP) because of the 13-round capacity. All of the police or police wannabes had or wanted a .357 Magnum - because it could "shoot right through an engine block." As soon as I could afford one, I got a S&W Model 59 (early seventies) because it held one more round than a HP. Everyone was talking about 9mm Supervel ammo being so powerful that it made 9mm acceptable for self defense to many. So to me and most people I knew, the 9mm was not considered a novelty. However, in my experience most law enforcement carried wheel guns up to the late eighties maybe.
In addition to the two mentioned already, Shield Arms is coming out with magazine extensions soon, I think:

and Cain Arms has polymer (!!) +4 mag extensions for the P-07/P-10C:

I have the +4 CZ Custom extensions made specifically for the P-07 and I had to replace the stock mag springs to get reliable operation - just FYI.

Shield Arms +5 extension is now available as of today.  I ordered one, I'll let you know how it is.  Thanks for your help!

Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated!
Quote from: armoredman link=topic=97846.msg756396# O0msg756396 date=1529568404
Someone needs to lay of the IPAs.... ;D

Sorry, I slipped from acronyms to anagrams...

maybe some anachronisms next?

I am an anachronism. O0
General Discussion / Re: History as I recall.
« Last post by rhart on Today at 09:49:08 PM »
We "sneered" at the 9MM.  I mean, remember what was going on back then?  The Miami/Dade County shoot out where one guy killed/maimed several FBI agents after being shot twice in the chest with 9MM hollow points.  The Beretta wounding/maiming shooters when the rear half of the slide would break off and fly back to break cheek bones, put out eyes, etc.

The CZ75 wasn't known to us in those days.  The only foreign 9MM I'd seen were High Powers and one lone Radom.

Actually one suspect was shot 6 times and the other 12. .357 magnum is what ultimately stopped that fight. As far as the Beretta issue they got that fixed pretty quickly. Today it's one of the most reliable designs still in production. I like mine as much as my CZ's.

If I'm not mistaken, the agents who had .357 magnums during this gunfight were shooting .38 +P rounds - not .357 magnum rounds. Those with .38 specials were also shooting .38+P rounds. So technically, the .38+P ultimately stopped the fight.
CZF KADET KLUB / Re: SP-01 Kit, initial thoughts
« Last post by kevindt on Today at 09:44:58 PM »
I just got one of the new version of the CZ75 Kadet2 as shown in the link - note there is a full front rail, not the original Kadet 2 with the narrowed front end and the "nubbins" short rail sections.  I'm really pleased, since I have the SP-01 (regular with safety) and it matches perfectly, though it might look a little odd on a 75.  It took a lot of careful file and stone work on those long front rails to get it to fit smoothly, but it shoots very nicely and it has all the weight and metal quality (steel) of the older version.  The only comment otherwise is that I'd reversed the mag release (left-hander) long ago on my SP-01.  These metal mags are not ambidextrous - no lock slot for left hand release users.  Back to using the mag release in the old right-hand position!
I don't want to hijack the thread, but a far bigger gripe is when people embarrass themselves by not using actual words correctly.

FITMENT is a classic example.


CZ Center fire Rifles / CZ455 varmint pillar & bedding question
« Last post by tothemax on Today at 09:15:41 PM »
Just purchased my first rifle... a .22 CZ 455 Varmint

Pls I have a question on bedding....How extensive does it have to be ? I watched every YouTube I could find on it .... Some bed just 1" around alum pillars or some bed the entire action?

Seems like the .22 does not see a the same recoil forces as say a Remington 700... Is bedding the whole action adding value on CZ455 .22?

Is the consensus that adding pillars and bedding about 1" around them is sufficient for a .22 rifle?

Is it really worth the effort to bed the entire action in addition to adding epoxied pillars & bed about 1" around pillars?

How about extending bedding all the way for the barrel?

I want to get into long distance shooting. Have a Boyd’s AtOne stock on the way which I want do this pillar / bedding work  on

Looking for recommendations

All advice welcome

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